Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Investment Migration Pioneer, Legal Scholar, Author and Editor, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, Humanitarian, Global Citizen

Ius Doni: Citizenship-by-Investment

This is a presentation that Dr. Kälin gave to the University of Oxford Centre on Migration, Policy and Society on 26 April 2018. In the presentation, Dr. Kälin makes a distinction between ius sanguinis (citizenship on the basis of bloodline), ius soli (citizenship on the basis of birth in a particular territory), and ius doni (citizenship on the basis of making a contribution to a country). Dr. Kälin then goes on to discuss the reasons for wanting to acquire alternative citizenship, the various global citizenship-by-investment programs available, and the benefits of visa-free travel in a world increasingly inhabited by global citizens.

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Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Dr. Christian H. Kälin, TEP, IMCM, Chairman of Henley & Partners, is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in investment migration and citizenship-by-investment, a field he pioneered.

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