Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Investment Migration Pioneer, Legal Scholar, Author and Editor, Advisor to Governments, Philanthropist, Global Citizen

Philanthropy and Social Impact Investing

Dr. Kälin is passionate about several important philanthropic causes and has long been a supporter of various environmental and humanitarian initiatives. His academic background and personal interests have, however, motivated him to become increasingly involved with the global issue of forced displacement and, in particular, with the global refugee crisis.

Since 2014, and through a partnership with the UNHCR, Dr. Kälin has been able to contribute significantly to the refugee cause — and in 2017 he established the Andan Foundation in Switzerland with a view to amplify the social impact of his personal commitment and raise awareness in support of refugees. He is a member of the Global Citizen Award Committee and, along with his family, is also privately involved in social impact investing.

In May 2018, Dr. Kälin was invited by the UNHCR to travel to Jordan to visit its operation in Amman and the Zaatari Refugee camp.

Zaatari refugee camp

Video Footage

Henley & Partners and UNHCR Partnership for Refugees: Field mission

Henley & Partners, the global leaders in residence and citizenship planning has forged an innovative partnership with the UNHCR. Henley & Partners support is primarily focused on funding refugee registration and identification documents. On this fieldtrip, delegates from Henley & Partners went to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan to see first-hand what was happening on the ground and how the organization could best position itself to offer assistance.

Date: 2016

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