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Want A Second Passport? Try Buying A House.

This piece by Peter Wilson in the New York Times, is essential reading for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the investment migration industry, particularly from a client’s perspective. Featuring key insights from Henley & Partners Chairman Dr. Christian Kälin and Executive Committee Member Peter Vincent, the article also includes first-hand testimony from a typical client couple who secured Spanish residency (which carried to right to apply for a Spanish passport) as an alternative to their Ukrainian homeland. Frustrated with being made to feel “like a refugee trying to sneak over the border” during their travels, Natalia Yavorska and her husband found that “a passport with visa-free access to a lot of countries is just so much better”. Moreover, the right to live in the European Union has been very reassuring for the couple, given the geopolitical instability in their home region.

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Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Dr. Christian H. Kälin, TEP, IMCM, Chairman of Henley & Partners, is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in investment migration and citizenship-by-investment, a field he pioneered.

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