Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Investment Migration Pioneer, Legal Scholar, Author and Editor, Advisor to Governments, Humanitarian, Global Citizen

Residence & Citizenship Programs: Government Advisory

Residence- and-citizenship-by-investment programs have in recent years become vital sources of non-traditional investments and are increasingly playing a significant part in attracting foreign investment and positively contributing to the welfare of countries with such programs.

Many countries are looking to enter this competitive landscape, and governments with existing programs strive to stand out in an ever more challenging environment, yet they frequently lack the required expertise and experience to do so successfully without assistance.

Henley & Partners has a unique Government Advisory Practice that assists governments in developing and implementing residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs. In this book, we present a detailed account of our service offering for sovereign clients and showcase what Henley & Partners has done for investment migration.

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Dr. Christian H. Kälin

Dr. Christian H. Kälin, TEP, IMCM, Chairman of Henley & Partners, is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in investment migration and citizenship-by-investment, a field he pioneered.

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